Pre-rut? Mid-rut? Full rut? Winding down rut? Post-rut? Hell, don’t worry about it! After more than 26 years hunting deer in Mexico, we figured it out! We run a good show regardless of the dates you can come down and hunt with us! Book’em fast, ‘cause they won’t last!

Open spots for 2019 - 20 :

NOV 03 - NOV 09 (SOLD OUT)

NOV 12 - NOV 17 (SOLD OUT)

NOV 21 - NOV 27 (SOLD OUT)

DEC 01 - DEC 07 (SOLD OUT)

DEC 08 - DEC 14 (SOLD OUT)

DEC 15 - DEC 21 (SOLD OUT)

DEC 26 - JAN 01 (SOLD OUT)

JAN 02 - JAN 08 (SOLD OUT)

JAN 14 - JAN 20 (SOLD OUT)

JAN 23 - JAN 29 (SOLD OUT)

FEB 01 - FEB 07 (SOLD OUT)

FEB 10 - FEB 16 (SOLD OUT)

We are completely sold out for the 2019-20 hunting season and are now taking deposits for the 2020-21 hunting season and beyond!

More often than not, we can re-arrange dates to fit your particular schedule, so, just drop us an email and ask us about it! If we can do it, we are glad to accommodate you. However, NO, we cannot hunt during Christmas eve! Santa has to deliver gifts to the kids, so, don't even ask about that. 

Email for availability details: