Mexican "Texanus" Whitetail Deer Hunt

Whitetail Deer hunting is what we do and this is one of the best hunts we have to offer you! We have been hunting Whitetails at Rancho El Chupadero in Mexico for 4 generations - it is our strong point and the core of our livelihood. 

Tim Salisbury - Mexican "Texanus" Whitetail Deer.

Tim Salisbury - Mexican "Texanus" Whitetail Deer.

where we hunt...

The State of "Coahuila" in Northern Mexico has historically been famous for large whitetail deer populations and trophy bucks. We privately own 43,000 acres of prime, free-range hunting land where we offer affordable trophy whitetail hunts from early November to Mid-February.  

Scott and Angela Chapman

100% Opportunity

You will be hunting using ground blinds, tripods, "safari style" driving and spot and stalk methods along known deer areas. The past Mexican "Texanus" Whitetail Deer rifle seasons have concluded with 100% shot opportunity, with a very high success rate.

Very rarely has any of our hunters gone home empty handed - and we've guided more than 400 hunters over the years!

Mike Rodgers Jr. - Expedition Safari

Mike Rodgers Jr. - Expedition Safari

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Just like all of our hunts - your hunt will include 5 full days of hard hunting, great food, lodging, non-alcoholic beverages, your guide and field care of your trophy. 

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