So, where do we hunt and how the hell do you get here!? 

Rancho El Chupadero Location 

Rancho El Chupadero Location 

arrival / departure airports...

Getting to our Ranch for your hunt is relatively easy!  You can fly into either the Del Rio, Laredo, or San Antonio, TX airports. With San Antonio airport having the best air fares and more flight options for you. We will gladly pick you up at any airport you choose - for a fee (only because gas ain't cheap!) - and it will be a long day in the saddle, but, we promise to make it a cool road trip!   


Carmen Mountain Deer Hunt Camp Location.

location of hunt...

RANCHO EL CHUPADERO  is located 60 miles West of Del Rio, TX, into Mexico, in the Municipality of "ACUÑA", in the Northern State of "COAHUILA", on the "Santa Eulalia - El Chupadero" Road. The road to the Ranch has 28 miles of paved black top and 32 more miles of rough dirt and rocky road.

ETA to the Ranch is 2 hrs from the Del Rio, TX - Acuña border and 3 hrs from the Eagle Pass, TX - Piedras Negras border. If we drive from the San Antonio, TX airport to the Ranch, our ETA is 6 - 7 hrs - depending on Holiday traffic, lunch and pit stops, etc.   

means of transportation...

Ground travel in comfortable and reliable vehicles is provided all the way - from the meet and greet of the hunters in the USA, to the road trip to the Ranch, during the hunt and back to your departure destination. 

Once at the Ranch, you will be hunting on reliable vehicles with high racks in order to cover more ground faster.